-Holding out his newly found handful of marijuana seeds like they’re fucking dragon eggs or something of equal rarity-


Does marijuana grow in zhis climate?

Or are ve going to be needing a closet and some headlights? 

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excitable-mediums replied to your post: *Cue a beer-touting shorty knocking at your door.* Эй, чувак. Я приношу пива. Как дела?

*His hair is moist and Pepe doesn’t seem very sober.* And still you offered me discounts for beer. *He steps inside* I need adiv—advice. Please.

-It’s not as if the Pyro is attempting to keep his mood a secret. Isaak doesn’t object to the younger man entering his room—clearly, he’s distressed. But he tries not to eye the beer-

Vell… my advice von’t cost you anyzhing.

-Closes and locks the door-

Vhat’s on your mind my friend? 

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*The mercenaries of Mountain Lab will find the following missive slipped under the door of their hotel rooms*


Attention Mercenaries!

Thanks to the tireless work of your Administrator and his clean-up crews and construction teams, the RED and BLU bases of Mountain Lab have been deemed once again fit for human occupation!

No matter what those pesky safety inspectors say.

You will all no doubt be gratified to know that all threats to company assets have been neutralized, and no further seditious elements remain on the property. Mercenaries are expected to begin relocating from their temporary lodgings ASAP, with the understanding that those who are fit to fight will be in place and prepared to begin regular battles on Monday morning.

We thank you in advance for your compliance.


-He’d attempt to roll this into a joint but he knows that would just be a waste of perfectly good behind-the-liquor-store-weed. So he’ll just toss it in the trash and pack up his meager belongings-

blutundgerechtigkeit replied to your post: -Makes a point of running into him either at the hospital or the hotel.- ‘Zaak. You interested in driving out to the next town? I saw in the phone book that there was a nice pet store out there and I think our babies need spoiling.

Unless you want me to steal a car, we’re stuck with the bus. Do you have an American bank account?

… Vell I mean if you did it’s not like I’d go tell a cop or somezhing.

-He rolls his eyes and whips out his wallet, shoving off an exceptionally fake (and exceptionally well done) driver’s license-

I do—in America my name is ‘Boris Gerbert’ -He laughs and puts it back- I don’t even know vhere Rhode island is.  


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-Rubs his back a little before pulling back, taking note to his fretfulness- I’m okay—Pavlova is fine, I got her out early… But most of my zhings are gone, except for my family pictures. Did you run into… any of zhem?

Ahh good! *He offers a small smile* I know how much she means to you, I’m glad she got out safely. And I’m glad you got your photos too, I think everyzhing else can be replaced, ja?


…Ja. Herr Emmerich’s— *He frowns.* Vhat about you…?

It can. But it shouldn’t have to be. 

-They shouldn’t have been destroyed to begin with—they should have prevented this before it happened, especially considering it’s not the first time. Oh, yes, the Heavy is still pissed and he doesn’t see himself getting over it for a while. Even if it’s just directionless anger- 


-He frowns tightly- 

Did you have to…? -Drags a finger along the front of his throat- And, no.. zhough zhere’s a couple I sincerely hope are no longer alive. My own and Dimitri’s. 

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imagepulledteethandspilledink replied to your post: -Comes up from behind and wraps his arm around her…

It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Administration vas suppose to /fix/ zhis, veren’t zhey? -He shakes his head- /I’m/ fine… I could use a drink zhough -has a cheap laugh- I vas vorried about you. I’m glad you’re okay.

You’re right, it shouldn’t have.

*She frowns a bit, patting his arm.*

Hell, I could do with a smoke. You realize our whole garden’s gone?! It’s so sad, man, what a waste.

I’m glad you’re okay too. I was worried there, for a little bit.

-He’s making light of his withdrawals but there’s been some temptation to sneak off to the nearest bar or liquor store. His friends are a bit too occupied with their other loved ones to pay him mind… but the thought doesn’t sit well with him. So, he hasn’t done it yet. A smoke would be the bomb diggidy though- 

Our garden—Oh, zhe—fuck….. you’re absolutely right. 

Almost all my zhings are gone too. I just barely got out my family photographs. 

-He lets out a heavy breath and hugs her again-

It shouldn’t have taken so long for us to get help eizher… I’m really starting to lose my fucking patience vith zhis place. Ve could have been killed—look how many people got hurt! Miriam—a fucking PREGNANT VOMAN—vas caught up in zhis!

-It didn’t take long for Isaak to just get angry… but he’s been angry for a while now, since this all began. He just hasn’t had the opportunity to let it out. But now he looks grumpy, damn near pissed, and red in the face- 

I don’t care zhat zhis is under zhe table. Ve deserve better zhe zhis. 

With his quickly short lived search for Miriam and Gino satisfied Isaak quickly directed himself to finding Willie. A search that was short lived itself, as well as fruitless. Which as much screaming and banging as he’s doing she should have responded, or somebody could have told him if they’d seen her. There’s only so much time the Heavy can spend here and he knows that. As torn as he is… he doesn’t stay searching for long. He has to put his faith in her and her partners. 

But if it’s selfishness to turn back to his bedroom before he flees for just a few spare seconds… he has to own it. Isaak is not leaving without his family pictures—he doesn’t care if he has to walk through fire. But fortunately there’s none to be found though the walks shake and his belongings are scattered everywhere.

There’s simply too many things to take, and many of them of great value… this is what he gets for filling his room with sentimentals. Without reservation he yanks his top drawer open so hard in panic it flies out the nightstand and onto the floor, the items clanking around inside. He quickly grabs the envelopes inside, stuffed with photographs and aged letters, as well as his rings. 

Everything else is abandoned, regardless of value. Artwork, drawings, clothing, weapons, drugs and liquor. 

-Nothing kills a buzz quite like explosions and gun fire. Isaak’s quickly sobering enough (or, at least, he’s trying his damn hardest to pay attention). And it hits him then how stupid he was not to take what Heinrich said into harder consideration. He was attacked. He should have been better prepared for this!

It doesn’t matter now though. They have to get out. He knows Dimitri is safe, and he has Pavlova with him. Willie, Miriam, Gino.. fuck! Where are they!? Unfair or not his concerns first go to Miriam, and so it’s her name he shouts in base first- 

Vhere are you—MIRIAM! 


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-It takes Isaak longer than it should to bust the fuck out of his room after hearing the explosion. After hastily zipping his pants and tugging his sweater back on he grabs Pavlova’s leash and swiftly hooks it on her collar, then shoves out the door with a quick side comment to his partner- 

I bet you twenty dollars RED base threw a fucking BOMB at us. Ve vork vith IDIOTS. 

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*She huffs a little bit, patting the side of his face.*

Fin then, you’re old. But you ain’t dead yet.

*She listens quietly, nodding along. She realizes this is difficult for him, and in some ways she supposes she can sympathize. This isn’t where she’d thought she’d be at this point in her life either.*

How did you imagine it would be, then? What would you be doin’ if you could?

… I don’t know. 

-And that’s funny, bizarre really, considering how much ambition he use to have. It’s not like Isaak didn’t have plans for his future. It was just… well, it all went on the back burner at some point-

I lost my sister during zhe var. Not, not killed I mean ve vere separated for a vhile. Vhen I finally met her again she had a daughter, my niece Vasilisia -he shrugs- And I gave up vhat I vas doing to help her raise her….

-And then he can’t help but laugh a little bitterly-  

I guess I never zhought about vhat I vould be doing because, ultimately, I zhought I’d probably just get myself killed. Ha ha. But, you know… zhis vasn’t somezhing I ever considered if I pootz around zhe idea. 

I know I’ll live zhough… zhere’s no point to complain, I know. I mean it’s nozhing you aren’t going zhrough, or anyone else. 

*Willie nods a bit, returning to running her fingers through Isaak’s curls. Though she sympathizes with her friend, she’s not sure how much she can say to make him feel better.*

Well I think it was a noble thing, puttin’ things aside to help out your sister and niece. I know they appreciate it. And I, for one, sure am glad you ain’t got yourself killed yet.

*She gives him a small smile, squeezing his shoulder.*

I guess… you gotta make your own meanin’ in life, know what I mean? Even out here, we can find somethin’ meaningful. Even if it’s just makin’ art, givin’ someone a piece of art they can wear on their skin.

I’ve been meanin’ to ask you about that, by the way. Been thinkin’ real hard on it, I’d love for you to give me some ink. Is that somethin’ you’d like to do?

I’m glad I’ve lived long enough to meet you. 

-She’s right, though, to say that his situation isn’t completely hopeless. Perhaps he’s yet to come to terms with the fact that his life can’t be picked up where he left it off. Not that it all has to be abandoned. But things simply change, and sometimes permanently. 

Still though… he doesn’t have to give everything up. And whose to say he’ll be here forever. Isaak hasn’t allowed himself to think too critically about what he’ll do if he ever gets out (because his family’s safety highly depends on his presence here). But this doesn’t have to be the only option. 

And they’re strong. Vassie is older now, she’s not a child anymore- 

It is an honor to be able to give somebody somezhing so permanent…You’d like me to tattoo you? 

Of course. Of course I vill, I… -He stares down at his hand- Zhey’ve stopped shaking… sometimes I still get. Cravings and I get jittery. But mostly zhey are gone. I’m sure I could do it. 

Vhat do you vant? It can be anyzhing—Anyzhing! As big as you vant! It von’t cost you a zhing

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